Painting Your Ceilings

Painting Your Ceilings
A growing trend in interior design is the trend of painting your ceiling a unique color. Sometimes, when you cannot seem to find the right color to fit your space, painting the ceiling is the key element to tie your color scheme together perfectly

Concepts to consider when painting a ceiling

When painting a ceiling, you want to tie it in with the general color scheme of the entire room. With this being considered, choose a ceiling color that is one to two shades lighter than the color on the walls. By choosing a lighter ceiling paint color, it will contribute to the whole look of the room by giving the room height and making it feel larger.

Even more, if you coordinate with colors from the same family, the room will look coherent from top to bottom. If your home or the room has popcorn (bumpy textured ceilings) ceilings, it is a significant investment to have this professionally scraped and removed. Although this removal can be messy and time-consuming, will create beautiful and well-worth it results once complete.

Painting the ceiling a bold statement color can often work better than painting the walls those colors. For example, if you are looking to create a luxurious dining room space, consider a gold or silver ceiling paint. If you want to channel your inner-renaissance artist, consider a mural, such as an ocean or clouds. You could even allow your child to give their bedroom a personalized style, like a hot pink or decorative ceiling of stars or flowers.

What you will need to paint your ceiling

Since painting your ceiling requires you to be reaching above your head for an extended period of time, fatigue can become a factor, and gravity will cause any drips or splatters to fall directly down. Thankfully, some tips and techniques will allow you to paint properly your ceiling while minimizing the headache and mess. They include:

  • Choose a specialized ceiling paint, which is usually made from a highly gelled formula that helps to reduce dripping. And since ceiling paint is thicker, it will also be more likely to fill in minor ceiling cracks at the same time.
  • Protect yourself while painting directly above you, so consider purchasing a facemask or even a respirator mask. This protection will not only shield you from drips but will also help you avoid inhaling any harmful paint fumes. Don’t forget to wear grubby clothing as well.
  • Holding your arms above your head for an extended period can be hard, so think about investing in a long paint pole that locks onto your roller. Using this pole makes it much easier on your arms and shoulders to do the job.
  • Ensure that you cover your flooring and furniture with a drop cloth to avoid those drips

Sometimes, getting that paint job to look exactly how you want it can be challenging, regardless if you are painting walls, ceilings or even exteriors. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of painting in high places, or worried about the damage that drips can do, speak to one of our trained professionals at Two Lions Painting and ask how we can assist you to make your paint project a reality!

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