Picking the Correct Paint Sheen

A fresh new coat of paint is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update your home or business. To ensure a pleasing result from the painting process, one important factor is to select the correct paint sheen for the areas that you are working on. But first of all, what is paint sheen and how does it work?

Simply put, paint sheen is the level of gloss that is contained in the paint. Some rooms would be perfect with a high gloss finish while others will be ideal with a dull or matte sheen. Deciding which sheen is correct for your room is dependent on many factors: the color you have chosen, the purpose of the room, and the usage/traffic area.

Here are some ideas on which paint sheen would be ideal for each room in your house:

Low Gloss/Flat or Matte Sheen Finish

Low sheen, flat and matte finishes are ideally used in new construction sites and on property ceilings because of their durability and ability to hide flaws. This is because matte and flat gloss paint don’t reflect the light, which will allow the paint to help hide any imperfections or flaws in the structure of the area being painted.

You can also use matte paint on any drywall areas that may not have been taped and mudded correctly (flaws in the taping etc.) Matte is also a decent choice for bedrooms. Matte sheens tend to look smooth and elegant when finished, but are known to absorb dirt and can be challenging to clean, so they are not ideal for high traffic areas, such as hallways. Always ensure that you keep some of your paint on hand to touch up any flaws.

Eggshell, Satin and other Low Luster Sheen Finishes

Eggshell finishes give off a lovely, glossy sheen which is similar the appearance of an egg – hence the name. This finish is a velvety and soft appearance that is extremely resistant to scuffs and stains, and can contribute to the room’s depth and warmth.

Satin sheens are a more reflective and soft sheen, and has an even more durable effect which helps to resist dirt and mildew. Thus, satin is ideal for use in those rooms of the house which see more traffic than normal, such as bathroom and kitchens, family rooms and hallways. Best of all, this finish can easily withstand a cleaning.

Glossy Sheens

Semi-glossy and glossy sheens are ideal for hallways and moldings, and they give a lovely, shiny appearance and reflect light, making a room look clear and sharp. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but they also are highly durable and are great for areas that suffer from grease stains. However, use caution when using them on areas that are imperfect, as they reflect light and will illuminate all the little dents and nicks in the area. The semi-glosses are great at protecting against moisture while the bright gloss finishes are ideal for trim work, shutters, railings and moldings.

A glossy sheen gives off a highly shiny effect to the enamel or plastic paint effect. This type of effect requires more prep work and attention to detail, thanks to the nature of the gloss.

Choosing the right paint sheen is a great way to preserve the bright flawless sheen of your house, so it is important to seek the help of experts who can guide you about which sheen is right for you.

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