Choosing your Office Paint Scheme

Choosing the Paint Scheme of your Commercial Building
Picking exterior and even interior paint colors for a commercial building is a different undertaking than choosing colors for a residential dwelling. While a bright or bold color may suit your character home, those daring choices will likely not work for a larger structure in a business district. It’ important to keep the following considerations in mind when choosing the color scheme for your commercial building:

The Size of your Commercial Building

Painting a huge, 20,000 commercial building a bright blue sends a different message than painting your quaint 2000 square foot home. The right neutrals blend with the larger structures and their surroundings, they will more easily complement your business logo or any exterior signage. If you want to do bold accent colors, pick trim and signage instead of main walls and spaces.

Consider the Architecture and the Building Material

The type of siding that adorns your commercial building (such as wood, metal or vinyl) will all respond differently to various paint colors, so take that into consideration when choosing colors as well as the medium that you’re using. For example, wood requires a particular type of paint, as does metal and stucco. Further, if your building is a historic Victorian, it won’t necessarily suit outlandish fluorescent colors the way a more modern building would. Your professional painter – such as the professionals at Two Lions Painting – can give great advice on this area.

Look at Surroundings of the Building

Just as you’ve carefully considered your company’s marketing strategy, also consider your building’s surrounding when choosing paint colors. For example, does it sit on a small and crowded lot? A darker color will keep the building from looking oversized. Also, look at the landscaping: do you have greenery that looks lush year round? Or is your surrounding garden the perennial type that only blooms in spring?

What color you choose for your exterior paint scheme is important to coordinate with these exterior features. Is the masonry neutral, are the walkways colorful and what color are the surrounding fences or parking areas? Finally, consider the color palette of the surrounding buildings – for example, a medical building would likely require a more neutral palette than an ice cream shop.

Further, be sure to look at strata guidelines and get approval if your commercial building sits in a historic district or an industrial park. Certain stratas or property owner companies may have architectural standards that all occupants must adhere to, so check before starting the painting process.

Get Suitable Estimates

When getting estimates for your commercial painting needs, always ensure that the companies you employ are licensed and insured. Insurance is essential to protect your company and its employees from liability. Don’t forget about references and example of past work, so be sure to call past clients to inquire about past projects done. Being diligent when it comes to references and checking insurance, as it will seem like quite an investment of time and money for your business, but is imperative to ensure the paint job will be done completed up to the standards promised.

Regardless of which painting company you choose, know that selecting a specialized and experienced painting company will allow you to complete your painting project up to the highest of standards. For example, Two Lions Painters will offer you a variety of painting options and finishes, combined with flawless customer service, which ultimately guarantees a stress-free painting experience for its customers.

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