Accent Walls and Your Office Space

Accent Walls and Your Office Space
The appearance of your office space plays a significant role in the success of your company, as it dictates how your customers/clients feel when they enter your premise and speaks widely to your style and professionalism. Investing in a commercial painting company to choose an appropriate paint pallet for your business is a wise investment. And while most companies typically gravitate towards beige or off white–neutral colors that will not overpower the environment, it has been found that bold and bright accent colors can provide you more value for your decorating dollars.

Accent walls provide an excellent and affordable way to add decorative finesse and to liven up space. There are many found benefits to having a unique accent wall in your business area, such as boosting creativity in your employees, creating drive, passion and invigorating your clients. Here are some of the ways accent walls can positively benefit your workspace:

Promote Creativity in the Workplace

Research has shown that certain colors can stimulate the creative juices in employees. For example, green creates a peaceful and relaxing mood, which can be the perfect medium needed for a free-flowing and creative morphing of ideas.

Make Your Employees More Productive

Again, research has shown that productivity is linked to the color blue. Evidently, blue stimulates the mind and assists with concentration. Blue accents walls have been useful in spaces occupied by accountants or mathematicians. Strong blues contribute to clarity of mind while soft blues have a lovely natural calming effect. Consider event adding a hint of orange to balance the blue and add warmth.

Purple hues, such as lavender, which is a more subdued purple, can promote determination, clarity, creativity, and imagination. Purple would be ideal for companies that work in marketing, media, or any profession that depends on new ideas and concepts.

Studies show that red has a stimulating effect and can encourage communication and collaboration. Start-ups or entrepreneurs who want to stimulate conversation and change should consider accenting a wall in red.

A chalkboard accent wall is a great new trend that allows you to be creative and write messages to your staff and clients. It helps to keep the décor fresh and customizable to what you have going on at the time and adds a cool, trendy look to any space.

Selecting the Right Color for Your Accent Wall

The color selection process for your commercial painting project can be a challenge because not everyone reacts to color in the same way. For example, one person may find blue stimulating whereas another person may find it depressing. It is important to consider the following key factors when selecting an accent wall:

  • Align your brand strategy with your accent color
  • Create a more peaceful space
  • Creating energy in the environment
  • Provide a focal point in the interior
  • Make the energy of the room confident

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